Inspire Martial Arts
  1. Left leg steps forward to the left side into forward stance, right hand outward blocks.
  2. Right hand rolls down to grab attacker’s right wrist.
  3. Left leg steps up to right turning perpendicular to attacker.
  4. Left leg steps between attacker’s legs, right hand pulls attacker’s wrist, left hand bottom fists attacker’s solar plexus.
  5. Left leg steps all the way back to a left side forward stance, right hand pulls attacker’s wrist to your chest.
  6. Switch the attacker’s hand to your left hand.
  7. Right hand bottom fist to attacker’s tricep.
  8. Right hand chop to attacker’s neck.
  9. Right hand grabs attacker’s shoulder.
  10. Jump switch your feet.
  11. Right left snapping front kick to groin.
  12. Step back with right leg.
  13. Hold attacker’s shoulder and pull towards your chest, push attacker’s wrist across their back while keeping arm locked out for takedown.
  14. Ready stance.