Inspire Martial Arts
  1. From a ready stance, chamber forward with your rear leg
  2. Extend the kick, flexing your toes so you strike with the ball of your foot
  3. Re-chamber, then set your foot down
  4. Now, from a side stance, bring your rear leg forward so your feet are together and forming the shape of a T
  5. Chamber with your lead leg, pointing the bottom of your foot toward your target
  6. Extend, striking with the heel
  7. Re-chamber, then set your foot down
  8. Turn and look at your target from over your rear shoulder
  9. Chamber forward, as you would for a front kick, with what was your rear leg
  10. Strike backward, making sure your knees brush against each other as you kick, hitting your target with the heel of your foot
  11. Set your foot down
  12. Rear leg chambers as if for a front kick
  13. Pivot on your other foot, pointing the toes to the back
  14. Your chamber should turn so it's sideways, with your knee pointing to your target
  15. Extend your foot, striking with the top of the foot (be sure to point your toes)